SingAREN is a non-profit society incorporated with the Registry of Societies, Singapore. Refer to SingAREN’s Constitution here.

Executive Committee (Mar 2021 – Mar 2023)

President : Prof. Wong Wai Choong, Lawrence (NUS)
Vice President : Dr. John Kan
Secretary : A/Prof. Lee Bu Sung, Francis (NTU)
Treasurer : Tan Geok Lian (A*STAR)
Ordinary Committee Member :

Alvin Chiam (NSCC)
Christopher Lek (NTU)

Special Committee Members : Eddie Loke (SUSS)
Gui Tang Guan (SIT)
Co-opted Committee Members :

Ananthan Subramaniam (A*STAR)
Jon Lau (A*STAR)
Rikky Wenang Purbojati (NUS)
Jeffery Tay (NYP)
Dr. Lim Joo Ghee (SP)

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