eduroam is a secure roaming access service developed for the international research and education community, pioneered by the European research and education community.  It enables secure internet connectivity across eduroam-participating institutes, through the user’s home institution account and password.  

eduroam allows researchers, teachers, students and staff to securely access the Internet from any participating eduroam hotspot. It provides users with authenticated network access to the Internet through a single Wi-Fi profile and set of credentials.

The eduroam service is used extensively in over 100 territories and 25,000 locations worldwide.  Find out where you can access eduroam.

How will I benefit from eduroam?

For users: Easy, seamless access to internet

Users enjoy the convenience of seamless internet access using their home institutional credentials at any institution connected to the eduroam network.   This benefits researchers, educators and students by facilitating their research activities.

For institutions: Streamlined internet access for guest users and reduction of IT administrative workload

By implementing eduroam, institutions would enjoy significant cost savings through eliminating the need to create temporary internet accounts for visiting eduroam users.  More resources could then be devoted to managing essential campus network services.

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Connecting to eduroam

For eduroam users

Please refer to the information provided by the participating institutions in Singapore to help you configure eduroam on your devices.

For institutions: deployment of eduroam

The pre-requisite for deploying eduroam in your institution is to be a SingAREN member.

View information on configuring eduroam in your institution.

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