FileSender SG

FileSender SG

FileSenderSG is a web-based file transfer service provided by the Singapore Access Federation (SGAF). It allows users in the research and education community to share large files to other users or groups.

What are the benefits of using the FileSender SG Service?
  • Secured file sharing service hosted by SingAREN in collaboration with the international research and education community
  • Share large files (up to 50GB per file)
  • User-friendly – share your files with ease and speed.

How does FileSender SG work?

Pre-requisite: The user must belong to a SGAF enabled institution.

  1. Access FileSender SG via SGAF.
  2. Upload the file to be sent to the recipient. The file would be available for download for up to 2 weeks, after which it would be automatically deleted.

Authenticated users can choose to send a file upload voucher via FileSender SG to non-users of the SGAF service.


Access File Sender SG

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