SingAREN: Recipient of the SCinet Spirit of Innovation Award at SC22

SingAREN: Recipient of the SCinet Spirit of Innovation Award at SC22

SCinet has awarded the SCinet Spirit of Innovation Award to seventeen organisations who were instrumental in supporting demonstrations of large-scale international science at SC22 during a private ceremony on Monday, November 14, 2022. Those recognised are: AARNet, APONET, ARENA-PAC, CENIC, Ciena, Cisco, HARNET, Internet2, KISTI, NICT, NII, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, REANNZ, SingAREN, TransPAC, University of Hawaii, and Verizon.

SingAREN, a member of Asia Pacific Oceania Network (APOnet), received the SCinet Spirit of Innovation award at SuperComputing’22 for significant contributions to the advance of Networking Technologies for SCinet SC22. This award is a firm recognition of SingAREN’s dedication towards providing critical network bandwidth and technical capabilities for the research and education community, thereby facilitating collaborative research.

During the week of SC22, SCinet became the most powerful and advanced network on earth, over 5 Tbps Wide area network, connecting the Supercomputing expo and conference community to the world. There were multiple demonstrations across the Pacific using the APOnet network, eg. the amazing 400 Gbps multi-path data transfer between Japan and USA.

The seventeen organisations recognised with the SCinet Spirit of Innovation Award were instrumental in supporting some of the more outstanding demonstrations involving international engagement. What stood out was the collaborative spirit amongst the various organisations in coming together to setup the 5 Tbps global network to facilitate the demonstrations.

SingAREN played an instrumental role in facilitating these multi-path data transfer with SingAREN’s network links being used as part of the backbone infrastructure. In particular, Path 6 tapped on the SingAREN/NSCC Tokyo-Los Angeles link and Path 1 used the Singapore-HK-Tokyo link from SingAREN/NSCC/NICT and AARNET as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Some demonstration paths setup during SC22

The 400 Gbps multi-path data transfer between Japan and USA was truly groundbreaking as the usual backbone links were only 100 Gbps. Multiple 100Gbps links were utilised to add up to facilitate this amazing 400 Gbps multi-path data transfer between Japan and USA. 

Figure 2: Breakdown details of some multi-path data transfer demonstrations during SC22

“The winners of the 2022 SCinet Spirit of Innovation Award have embraced the spirit of collaboration and cooperation that showcases the best there is to offer in demonstrating, implementing, and operating leading-edge solutions to challenging problems,” said Matt Zekauskas, SCinet Chair.

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Edited by Linda Lim

Figure 3: A/Prof Francis Lee Bu Sung (left in the photo) has received the award on behalf of SingAREN at SC22

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