eduroam celebrates its 10th Birthday

eduroam celebrates its 10th Birthday

eduroam has grown to be a global service, widely used by R&E communities in 90 countries

16 Nov 2018–On 1 September 2018, eduroam celebrated its 10th year of service around the world. eduroam is a global wireless service for secure internet connectivity across eduroam participating institutes, through the user’s home institution account and password.

Users from eduroam participating institutions would enjoy the convenience of seamless internet access at any institution connected to the eduroam network.  For eduroam-enabled institutions, this would reduce their administrative workload through streamlining the access procedures for guest users.

To-date, eduroam has expanded from a few to tens of thousands of hotspots, spanning 90 countries.Over a billion authentications are being processed every year around the world.

Efforts have been made to introduce and expand eduroam in Asia Pacific countries via the XeAP project (eXtendingeduroam in the Asia Pacific), led by AARNet and with support from international partners, including SingAREN.  The objective is to train local National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) to operate eduroam in their countries. 

eduroamin Singapore ismanaged by SingAREN. 

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