Event by NTT: Theme – Security Posture – 23 Sep 2022

Event by NTT: Theme – Security Posture – 23 Sep 2022

NTT Singapore organised and hosted members of the SingAREN community to a sharing session on Security Posture for SingAREN, and the members from SingAREN’s community on 23 Sep 2022. The session was very informative and insightful. It provided the members with a broader view of the Cybersecurity tools. There were presentations by NTT’s partners, Splunk, Carbon Black and Vectra to share on its security solutions. It was interesting to note each of the partners’ product covers different areas of cybersecurity and that NTT has additional services such as SoC-as-a-service.

SingAREN will like to express its appreciation to NTT Singapore for organising the event, together with its partners: Splunk, Carbon Black and Vectra.

Figure 1: SingAREN participants and guests, representatives from NTT and its partners (Splunk, Carbon Black and Vectra).

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